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  • I’ll bring the pain relief to you!  I’m located in La Crosse but will travel to treat you in the comfort of your own home.  Please do not feel the need to wash your dishes, put away your children’s toys, remove pet hair from your furniture or otherwise hide evidence of normal daily life – you’re busy, I get it!

  • I'm certified to provide Active Release Techniques (C) - the gold standard in soft tissue care!  Check out for more info and see the ABOUT page for my other credentials

  • I charge mileage at the federal rate for business travel, currently 56.0 cents per mile (available at if you’d like to look it up).

  • Refer a friend – get a $15 discount the next time you book if a new client mentions your name when they book their first session with me

  • Shared travel costs – split the mileage among a group if you live in the same general area and coordinate to schedule your appointments in the same time period (small amounts of downtime may be allowable depending on the total amount of time being booked, call or email with specifics and I’ll let you know)

  • All individual sessions $40 for the first half hour and $15 per 15 minutes after that.  Mileage costs will be calculated using google maps, invoiced to you at time of booking and must be paid at time of booking or at least 2 days prior to session.

  • If you aren't at the provided address and I can't reach you on your provided phone number at the time of your scheduled appointment, you will be charged the full amount for the time you had booked.  Refunds may be issued for extenuating circumstances.

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